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The Story Of The Chess Game
The Prince of Tabistan was playing chess with a certain man called, Damavand. When Damavand made his final move on the chessboard, he proclaimed, "Checkmate!"

This angered the Prince and he threw his chess pieces one by one at Damavand.

"Here take your checkmate," he shouted, while Damavand called back, "Mercy!"

Then the Prince commanded him to play again. Damavand obeyed, but trembled at the thought of another game.

The Prince also lost the second chess game, but when Damavand was to say, "Checkmate!" he ran into a corner and flung five Persian rugs over himself. He lay there hidden beneath the rugs.

"Hey! What are you doing under there?" asked the Prince.

"Checkmate! Checkmate! Checkmate! O noble Prince of Tabistan!" replied Damavand in a muffled voice.

Note: A similar story can be found in Rumi's book: Mathnavi.