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The Story Of The Adopted Chick
Once upon a time there was a bird who could not fly. Like a chicken, she walked about on the ground, but she knew that some birds did fly. One day, she found an abandoned egg of a flying bird and decided to incubate it until it hatched.

In due time, the chick cracked open the egg and came to life. He was the chick of a bird capable of flight from the time he was in the egg. So, after he grew a little, he asked his adoptive mother, "When will I fly?" 

The land-bound bird replied, "Persist in your attempts to fly, just like the others."

She did not know how to give the fledgling flying lessons, but the young bird did not realize this. His recognition of the situation was confused by the fact that he felt gratitude to the bird who had hatched him.

So, he said to himself, "Had my adoptive mother not incubated me, surely I would still be in the egg? Anyone who can hatch me, can surely teach me to fly. It must be just a matter of time. Suddenly, one day I will be carried to the next stage by her who has brought me this far."

Note: This old tale appears in Suhrawardi's 12th century book, "Gifts of Deep Knowledge."