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The Story Of Deep Wool

Once upon a time, there was a flock of wise sheep. Their wool was especially deep and I discovered that garments made from it had miraculous effects on me. When wearing a shirt made from their wool, I could know, without words being spoken, what others were thinking and feeling. At other times, I could see future events taking place, as if in a dream-vision. Unable to comprehend this mystery, I went to the sheep themselves.

"O wise sheep!" I said. "Your wool is especially deep and has magical properties. What is the nature of this mystery, and how best can I put it to use?"

One of the flock, a particularly thick-wooled and friendly looking sheep, ambled forward and said:
"Good lad! You have found our secret.
We like you, and to you we bequeath it.
You have prized us for what we are,
Now use this knowledge, for it will take you far." 

I responded:
"O Leader! Your generosity in Wisdom is duly noted, but I feel incapable of understanding your Gnosis."

He smiled a sheeply smile and replied:
"Remember our wool is especially deep.
Wear the magic garments and do not sleep.
Capacity to understand our sheeply creed
Comes about through a lover's need.
We graze and flock and seem only as sheep,
This is to protect the Secret we keep."

The flock of wise sheep then offered me their wool, which I gratefully accepted, and I returned home.

Shorn from the High Minded sheep,
Their wool was especially deep.
I said a prayer and a rhyme,
Hoping to catch a mystic sign.
I spun the wool with the best of attention,
And created a thread with other-worldly dimensions.
I cast the thread into the Loom of Calculation,
And brought forth a fabric with magical fascination.
The magical garments to others I fitted,
Becoming an occupation to which I committed.
With skill on the Loom and wool at hand,
My customers could enter the magical lands.
Many brought back tales which truly inspired,
But few there were whose hearts were set afire.
I learned the magic of fairy tales, of hearts soaring in love,
The magic of ecstatic fantasies, and inspiration from Above.
People experience magic in many different ways,
And love remains a mystery, even to this day.
Then ever so slowly I began to see,
The Wise Sheep's wisdom of the lover's need.
What we call love isn't love at all,
To want things for ourselves is the mistaken love we call.
I saw that the lover's need is in the need of giving,
Of giving love to God Above is what makes life worth living.

Note: This story was written by Terry W. Williams and sent to be added here.