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The Story Of The Simpleton And The Jug:

A simpleton is a person who lacks common sense. He or she consistently misinterpret what happens to them, what they do, or what is brought about by others. To them their thoughts seem logical and true.

One day in a village far away, a simpleton by the name of Bharat, was given a jar and sent to collect fresh homemade mango juice from the home of a man named, Prasad. As he walked along whistling a tune out loud, he somehow managed to be careless and smashed the jar against a rock.

When he arrived at Prasad's house, he presented him with the handle of the jar and said, "A man from the neighboring village sent you this jar, but a horrid stone stole it from me while I was walking here."

Amused by this explanation and eager to test his coherence, Prasad asked, "Since the jar has been stolen, why are you offering me the handle?"

Bharat thought for a brief second and replied, "I am not as silly as people might say and so, I have brought the jar's handle to prove my story!"

Note: A similar story was told in ancient Afghanistan. I titled and rewrote it.


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