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The Story Of Danish And The Figs:

There was a certain man named, Danish who had a pomegranate tree. One year his pomegranate tree bore exceptional fruit. He selected three of the best and took them to the palace as a gift for the Emir. He was generously rewarded for his thoughtfulness.

Some months later, Danish's turnip crop proved unusually fine, so he filled a basket with the best turnips and set out for the palace. Just then a neighbor, who knew where  Danish was going called out, "How can you give the gift of turnips to an Emir? Shame on you! Take him something grander and sweet. Take him some figs!"

Danish thought about it and decided that his neighbor was right.  He arrived at the palace with a basket of figs. It just so happened, that the Emir was in an angry mood, so instead of rewarding Danish, he ordered his courtiers to throw the figs back at Danish and chase him out.

Every time a fig hit him Danish cried out, "May God reward you with His blessing, dear neighbor!" and "God grant you abundant riches, dear neighbor!"

The Emir was curious about Danish's statements and finally ordered his courtiers to stop throwing the figs, so he could ask Danish why he was praising his neighbor.

"Your Majesty," said Danish, "I was bringing you a basket of the largest and fattest turnips you have ever seen, white and as sweet as apples, but my neighbor told me that figs would be a better gift. Should I not thank the man who has saved my life? For had this basket been full of the large turnips, surely every bone in my body would be broken by now?"

The Emir laughed and regaining his good humor, sent Danish home with a purse of gold!

Note: Ned Ludd told me the story above which is a humorous folktale from Iraq. Got to go eat some figs now!


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