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Welcome to the cyberpoet meeting ground where ancient meets modern! Poetry is the music of our soul, lost in its gentle perfume, now at last we can breathe! [SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN JUNE 2005]

Ancient Persia produced some brilliant poets:

Hafiz Shirazi: Weep No More Jalaluddin Rumi: Every Moment The Reed Flute I Am The Life Of My Beloved The Man Of God Untitled Sheikh Sadi: The Pearl Omar Khayyam Ferdowsi Fariduddin Attar: The Conference Of The Birds Nizami

Some gems of Ancient India include: Amir Khusro and Baba Kabir, a mystic who wrote several songs in Hindi. Kabir's works were later translated by Rabindranath Tagore.

Mo Ko Kahan Dhunro Bande - I - Jo Khoda Masjid Vasat Hai - LXIX

Rabindranath Tagore: a  famous Bengali poet won the Noble Prize for Literature. His poems are recited and sung in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Where The Mind Is Without Fear - The Banyan Tree

Mirabai: a famous North Indian bhakti poet devoted her life praying to Krishna. Her songs or ragas were written down after her death in about 1550.

The Heat of Midnight Tears - Unbreakable, O Lord

 Lalla: Lalleswari, or Lal Ded, a Kashmiri woman, lived in the 14th century. She studied under a spiritual Hindu teacher and then under Sayyid Ali Hamadani, a famous Sufi saint. She wrote several mystical poems.

What Is Worship? - I Was Passionate

 Mahadeviyakka: a Kannada poet lived in South India in the 12th century. She was a disciple of Shiva and choose the path of Oneness, taking up the life of an ecstatic.

I Do Not Call It His Sign - It Was Like A Stream 

 Taslima Nasrin: a Bangladeshi poet and writer exposes the harsh reality of life as a woman in South Asia.

Aggression - Mosque, Temple - Noorjahan

Khalil Gibran: was a Lebanese poet, artist, and philosopher. His book, "The Prophet" is very popular.


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