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The Story Of The Fire Scenario:

Many moons ago, I regularly tuned into the BBC Radio every night (via Minnesota Public Radio) before I wondered off into dreamland. On one such occasion, I heard the host of a certain program ask her guests this question, "Say your house is on fire and you have two minutes to leave, what would you take with you?"

"Interesting question," I thought to myself and my grey cells promptly went to work to find my answer while I listened to the guest responses.

The first guest answered, "I would take my important documents and money." Another said, "I would take my valuables - photo albums, ornaments, expensive paintings..." A third person gave a long list, such a long list that it is pointless to quote. Finally, one intelligent person answered, "I wouldn't have time to think about what to take and would just worry about my safety."

I thought to myself, "Aha, but of course! Where is the time to think?" However, possible answers to this question still danced in my head. I decided to ask my father (whom I greatly admire and love) what he would take with him in such a scenario. I sent him an email and anxiously awaited his reply.

He emailed back to say, "For me the answer to the question is quite clear. I would take MY GENIUS. Why? Because, one does not have to search for it, and there is not much of it!"

Wow! Interestingly long afterwards, when there was a fire alarm in our apartment building, I quickly grabbed my passport and wallet, completely forgetting about this story till later! Think about it... what would YOU take with you?


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