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The Story Of The Sick King:

A certain king had a horrible disease. A group of physicians decided that there was no remedy for the pain except the liver of a particular person. The king ordered his men to search for such a person.

A perfectly matched boy named, Adil, was found in a neighboring village. The king sent for his parents and gave them lots of gifts to keep them happy. Then a high ranking judge declared, that it was lawful to shed the blood of a citizen to save the king's life.

Just as the doctors prepared to remove Adil's liver, he looked up to heaven and smiled. Surprised, the king asked him, "How can you laugh at such a serious time?"

Adil replied, "It is customary for parents to love and look after their children, and for complaints to be carried before a judge, and for justice to be sought from kings. Yet, my parents have delivered me over to death in exchange for material gifts, and the judge has passed his sentence for my operation and possible death, and the king looks for his own recovery in my destruction. So, except for God above I have no one to protect me."

The king's heart was so touched by these words, he wept and said, "It is better for me to perish than to shed innocent blood." He gave Adil  a big hug and sent him home with several gifts. The story goes, that the king recovered that same week.

"Where shall I from thy hand for succor flee?
Against thine own power I will justice seek from thee."

Note: The story above was narrated by Sadi of Shiraz.  I titled and rewrote it in parts.


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