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The Story Of The Shaky Voice:

A muzzain was reciting the azaan and summoning people to the mosque of Sanjariyah, built by Sultan Sanjar Saljuki. Those who heard his shaky voice could not stand the sound of it. It was not at the decibel level we normally enjoy.

A certain Prince, a major patron of the mosque, known for his friendly demeanor agreed to take action on behalf of the mosque attendees.

The Prince was careful not to hurt the muzzain's feelings so he gently said, "Oh sir, there are muazzins attached to this mosque to whom the office has descended from old, each has an allowance of 5 dinars, but I will give you 10 dinars to go to another place." The muazzin agreed and departed the town.

A week later, the muazzin returned and said, "Oh Prince, you did me injustice by sending me from this place for 10 dinars. The place you sent me to offered to pay me 20 dinars to go somewhere else, but I will not accept it."

The Prince laughed and said, "Take care not to accept it, for they will agree to give you even 50 dinars!"

No mattock can the clay remove from off the granite stone,
So well as thy discordant voice can make the spirit moan.

Note: muazzin = person who recites the azaan. Call to prayer = azaan. This story was narrated by Sadi of Shiraz and can be found in, "Gulistan-i-Sadi" or "Sadi: The Rose Garden." Sadi's tomb in Shiraz is surrounded by beautiful poetry.


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