Chocolate m&m’s

I can’t understand why they had to go and make chocolate m&m’s come alive and look like real characters with voices, arms, legs, lips, eyes, and all. Now I don’t feel like eating them! Who would want to eat something …

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Global Independence

Independence. Many have been sacrificed for it, most have never tasted it, some don’t appreciate it, few truly have it, all should fight for it! Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July! Happy Global Independence!

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Water. My favorite drink. Swim in it. Dance in it. Sing in it. Bathe in it. Drink it. Watch it. Hear it. Crave it. Fear it. Save it. Respect it. Love it. My only drink. Water.

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The Bvlgari Bottle Challenge

Yesterday a friend gave me a Bvlgari perfume and I am embarrassed to say, I spent hours trying to figure out how to open the bottle!  I twisted it right, left, top, bottom, any which way, but could not figure it …

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4 Men, 2 Paths

This week I met four men.  Each has a different story to tell.  Two have similar stories and lifestyles.   Two have different lifestyles, but both are worlds apart from the other two men.  In simple words, two are the same …

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Embrace Positive Change

I know we don’t keep to our New Year’s resolutions. What is the solution? You have to realize that it is all about change. But we human beings resist change. So, the key is to embrace positive change. Let it …

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